all the reds of life

Sunday January 19th, 2015

I turned my head
and there was a flower staring right at me.
open red face floating close to mine,
heart nakedly exposed in a nest of green.
It hangs suspended
no visible support.
What does it mean?

It means you are not alone,
that passion and purpose and intimacy are right here.
Red and immediate
always waiting, in your naked moments.

It says I want you,
open heart and all
to dive into life
and let experience flow in, around, as unregarded in its detail as a river you’re immersed in.
You! I want you!
I am always with you.
Okay, okay.

All the Reds of life are mine now.
or I am theirs.
I will give myself to passion,
to creation
to flame
I will dive in.
All You Need
Crimson and Gray.  (aka the Cheshire Cardinal)