Rose Bush Outflow by darkday, on Flickr


I’m standing

in the Center, trying to be untethered
as I am
from stale cords of obligation and connection past,
residue of clinging and being clung to
long past the connection is over.

the connection is over

It’s trying, to stand to feel
to try to feel the trickle
of sacred comfort, love and purpose flow
through my emptiness, as I hold the sides apart
ashamed of the losses that leave me empty,
ashamed of not being full, loved, self-sufficient and un-needing already, all ready
to give again.
trying to love the reality of sides of self collapsed, near closed and swollen
with tears held and heart unheld.

but I am standing where I am
waiting for wholeness

I was worth of love, standing bravely, waiting, giving and holding and holding open, resolve.

I was worthy, and I stood, waiting for her to try, trying my resolve.
I won’t say she had nothing to give, for the soul is inexhaustible
but that she chose not to