Drink the clean waters of yourself

my heart is beating
slow, steady
as I must become
I am quick footed, impatient
forced to walk behind
stay within
stay apart
by sensible restraint
and fear

we are all alone in this
pressed too close
or too far

I am here

if I were to settle in
settle down
let the soul silt
hold and let the monsters catch me
the spring loaded door of my heart
holding open despite
there being nothing to reward it
no-one to see me

love yourself
be present to yourself
be with yourself in your solitude

wait for the silt to clear
accept what you see in the clear depths
drink the clean waters of yourself
this may be the only time you can see this far down


Photo credit: LicenseAttributionNoncommercialNo Derivative Works Some rights reserved by Matilu

May 7 2020

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