Sophia Kelly - Poetry

Sophia Kelly has been walking a Chartres style labyrinth once or twice a week for the last 17 years, as a vehicle for meditation, healing, presence and connection with the divine. Most of the poetry on this blog was written in a single draft in the labyrinth, after walking. She writes on themes of Pagan mysticism, lesbian love, Buddhist-inspired meditation and finding strength within.

Rose Bush Outflow by darkday, on Flickr


I’m standing in the Center, trying to be untethered as I am from stale cords of obligation and connection past, residue of clinging and being clung to long past the connection is over. the connection is over It’s trying, to stand to feel to try to feel the trickle of sacred comfort, love and purpose …

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Bare Ground

bare ground from this step forward it is all new undiscovered unwritten home family love livelihood starting from bare fertile earth — Gods bless this new life this sprout bring me sunshine and rain and the wit and strength to use the wisdom I have earned

Spring is here

Spring is here and all the hope is flowing up from roots to sky and new green leaves unfurl pulling life up and out a radiant crown of green tops the tree of my life and you aint seen nothing yet you aint seen nothing yet.

photo by Zoriana Stakhniv

in wholeness

Sat Dec 26 2015 We walked into the labyrinth together and now we walk out separately. There is no end to this journey, no safe place of love to rest forever. All there is is the walk, the winding in winding out with lessons learned endless circuit in wholeness

what if

What if this moment is enough if you are enough if there is nothing to change or understand or move away from? As if your own warm heart Were open enough to let life as it is yourself exactly as you feel right now unfold, beloved.