Hollow Weight

I am hollow truth-full body empty with an end to waiting the near certainty of betrayal familiar I know how to go on, here confirm and choose leave, refuse Love’s priestess and what has that gotten me but a relationship with pain? heart won wisdom of when to leave? another person whose heart I hold, […]

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Rose Bush Outflow by darkday, on Flickr


I’m standing in the Center, trying to be untethered as I am from stale cords of obligation and connection past, residue of clinging and being clung to long past the connection is over. the connection is over It’s trying, to stand to feel to try to feel the trickle of sacred comfort, love and purpose

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Eye by Madaise on Flickr https://flic.kr/p/2fcE4K

in Wholeness

In wholeness we meet eye to eye, not retreating from growth, nor from the monsters who poke their fins above the surface, warning when you, thou, get too close in this shocking flow of eye to eye an anchor, a harbour a trickle of wholeness whose price is devotion, dedication willing to stand in Mystery,

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well wishes

Right now someone is sending love out to the world, to everyone who needs it. Somewhere I’m sure a group of witches have just finished a ritual where they sent healing and blessing out into the world To you To me The surface of my soul is dry, tight, closed in on itself But a

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The ocean

The ocean is my heartbreak place my going home to momma place to lick my wounds and fall safe into the fierce mother The ocean is my safe haven, a more vast than my actions place, of a magnitude equal to hold my sorrow and longing space for too much to hold or understand The

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Bare Ground

bare ground from this step forward it is all new undiscovered unwritten home family love livelihood starting from bare fertile earth — Gods bless this new life this sprout bring me sunshine and rain and the wit and strength to use the wisdom I have earned

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